Market your business, create advertising, or learn to have it done for you.

Why Your Ads Don't Work

Why Isn't My Advertising Working?
(and What Can I Do To Change That)?

$895 - 8 hour seminar on 4 DVDs, with workbook

Why Isn't My Advertising Working? will explain, step by step, how to generate more new business, frequently without increasing your budget.

  • Can advertising actually change the way people think and feel?
  • How to improve your customer's Personal Experience.
  • How to increase the Impact of your ads.
  • How to plant your business in the "reward behavior" area of the brain.
  • How to budget for marketing, whether you sell your services or from your inventory.
  • Why Isn't My Advertising Working? will show you how to re-arrange what you already know, then build on that knowledge to get better results.