Market your business, create advertising, or learn to have it done for you.

Why Your Ads Don't Work 2 1/2 Hour Marketing Plan

The Two and a Half Hour Marketing Plan

$249.95 - 3 DVDs, 3 audio CDs, 48 page workbook

In two and a half hours you'll go through a seven step process to create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.    In the process you'll also learn:

  • What advertising can and can not do.
  • Why some ads pull great results when others fail.
  • How to target your best prospects through your ad copy.
  • How to select and schedule media.
  • When your ads will start working.
  • When you don't need to advertise at all.
  • No matter how small your business, or how new or old, you need to plan to acquire new customers.    The Two and a Half Hour Marketing Plan will help you detail that plan.